New ice-cream TU, which corresponds to the highest modern standards has joined widely known around the world TU FOOD delicious product assortment.

“TU FOOD” Ltd. – is a new and promising ice cream manufacturer, launched in April 2016.

“TU FOOD” Ltd. – is the ice cream manufacturer, which is located in Tukums, Latvia. The company has modern high-tech facilities, as well as automated production process taking place in a fully closed area, that allows to produce high-quality products. All the products comply with Latvian, Russian and European standards and regulations relating to the production and distribution of food products: Recognition of the Food company (according to 02.02.2010. Regulations of Latvian Cabinet of Ministers Nr. 104 „Recognition and registration procedure of food enterprices”). Certificate of compliance EN ISO 22000:2005 „Food safety management systems” Russian Federation certificate (“Quality and safety system of food and pharmaceutical products” (№ РОСС RU.0001.03CД01). The production capacity of “TU FOOD” Ltd. is 2,000 tons of finished products per year. „TU FOOD” Ltd. uses only high quality raw materials in the production process. All products are made from fresh cream, which is purchased from local producers. Fresh cream provide products with rich taste and high quality composition. „TU FOOD” Ltd. obtained the right to use the “Bordeaux spoon” symbol, which means that the manufacturing process is fully held in Latvia.


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